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Discussion of arbitrage and mining pools.
[link] defaulting on payments?

Hey everyone. Last week, issued a statement that the audit that their users had paid for was not going to be released because they felt it was "unsatisfactory." A number of users became very concerned about this, especially considering that the users themselves had paid for the audit to be conducted.
As of this afternoon when payouts were scheduled to begin, BT issued this statement on their facebook page:
Due to technical issues with the key server, which occurred during the processing of cashout requests not all pending bitcoin cashout requests could be processed. We have contacted our sys admin to look into the issue and will resume bitcoin cashout requests as soon as possible. About 200 or so bitcoin requests accumulated during the weekend had been processed, as well as all the other payment systems, Litecoin and Ripple.
BT supposedly deals in USD. A number of users waited until bitcoin bottomed out over the weekend before requesting their payout, locking in the amount of BTC. However, given the increase, some users now are owed BTC that is up to 25% more valuable. So, for instance, if someone requested a cash out of $260 over the weekend when it was valued at .92BTC, that amount of BTC was locked in. Payments aren't processed until monday - and that .92BTC is now valued at $330+ USD, but BT owes the locked in amount of BTC.
If several hundred users did this, it could spell major financial trouble for the site.
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In 2014, a Bitcoin conference in North Carolina was sponsored by and Bitpay. Does this reaction by the State Legislator really come as a surprise?

In 2014, a Bitcoin conference in North Carolina was sponsored by and Bitpay. Does this reaction by the State Legislator really come as a surprise? submitted by theirmoss to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin trader. Biz a pony scheme

It has dissolved itself claiming it was hacked. Luckily I didn't have any money in it.
submitted by Strongasdeath to Bitcoin [link] [comments] is getting ugly

This should come to no surprise to most, but the most prominent "Bitcoin arbitrage service" is having trouble making their payments.
They made their alt-coin payouts Monday morning, and claim to have made some of their bitcoin payments, but most folks did not get paid. No payouts Tuesday, No payouts Wednesday, No payouts yet today..
Yesterday, they claimed that payouts will resume as soon as the blockchain has been re-downloaded, and today they claim that they are 60% done.
They have taken to banning any pessimists from their facebook groups.
They claim to manage 2.2 million dollars of investor funds, and to have over 8000 customers..
The timing seems quite coincidental. Shares expiring over the weekend where bought when Bitcoin was at 640 or so -- and of course over the weekend bitcoin was as low as 260. It appears that they had a lot of shares coming due. All of their shares are increments of 20 dollars - and bit-coin trader is responsible for managing the bitcoin volatility risk.. If an investor puts 20 dollars worth of bitcoin in, they get 20 dollars worth of bitcoin out, no matter what the market did in between..
They also reported 0.00% earnings yesterday. Normally they earn .7 or .8 percent per day.
Hopefully it straightens out and gets back on track, but it is very possible that this goes down as another fruadulent trusted central party proving that they ought not to have been trusted.
submitted by fingertoe11 to Bitcoin [link] [comments] was a Ponzi scheme and Bitpay ran out of money. That's why.

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Is a ponzi? looks interesting but not sure if anyone has used them on here? Do you think the web site is just another ponzi? Has anyone used them and taking out money?
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Why I think is a well-built (dormant) scam

Hello, here is my analysis for anyone still hesitating to invest into
People, please review some profiles here, on reddit and on Bitcointalk and you'll see that many people "vouching" for BT are fake profiles... I've been investigating for the 3 last weeks, going beyond the analysis given on reddit ( by Vaiex to take my decision to invest or not. Even the local reps are consisting of fake accounts for some if not the majority.
Forget the testimonials, then. This is a very-well thought dormant-scam. It's much more machiavelic I'd say since they've put the right amount of "credible" info such as : - Arbitrage is a real way of making money - Buying limit of 50K - Doing operations relative to open bank days - Providing "honesty" by offering a product that is going weaker due to real facts (mining shares)
This creates a sort of fog to put BT in a grey zone were even intelligent people may get into the trap...
Don't get me wrong, a lot of fake accounts claimed to have received their principal back, the script used is a HYIP software that was used before and often, the first adopters of a Ponzi get their money back like many of you know. As soons as there is more 10L-50K investments, they will just pull off.
The 50K investment limit is also a trap. If you were to sue someone for 50K, it will cost you about the same amount to get it back, so this will discourage many to use legal actions and just live with the loss. This isn't the same with people goxxed for millions, it will be worth it to at least retreive some BTC. I know, my wife is an attorney and she did point me to that possibility straight when I started talking about this "opportunity".
Also, you have to get the same capital moving to get arbitrage working. What I mean is that the open bank days isn't relevant.
Take CaVirtex and VaultofSatoshi. There is a constant arbitrage opportunity, but thething is that I have to get the capital to go this way : Bank>CVX>VoS>Bank and so on. I can'T just split my money in 5 and think that I will get 1% per day. It won't even be possible because it takes 7-10 days to make this process possible with the 100% capital.
The only plausible way is that 50% of the time it is either one exchange or another that is selling BTC higher, but still, you have to transfer all those BTC. The full 100% ! And in 30 minutes there is slight chances that the arbitrage opportunity will stay the same. Also, this bank open days argument is irrelevant in that case, it is just fog.
I could be wrong in the long run, but I think that they did innovate by giving some info that would alter the capacity to see that it is a Ponzi scheme after all. If I am wrong, then I'm sorry for and their faithful user.
Just my view on this. They lost me after all of this, especially the sock puppet accounts.
Sorry for the bad english, it isn't my natural tongue.
Update : after giving my view on the official group, I've got banned...
Michael Brandenburg : Sorry Tahar, but calling our representatives using fake accounts, is a reason to ban you from our group. This group was designed for our clients to share ideas, not for naysayer and hired posters to damage our reputation. Of course we are operating in the so called gray zone, as do all Bitcoin related ventures. 1 min · J’aime
Me : Go ahead, I understand. But it is easy to see.
Naysayer? Hired poster? I think they can't handle an opinion, I just stated that I could be wrong... I have no interest of doing this other that others may be tempted to put a lot of money in there. There is risk, but this one is slightly more risky.
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A Guide to Avoiding Bitcoin Scams in the Wake of

A Guide to Avoiding Bitcoin Scams in the Wake of submitted by junseth to Bitcoin [link] [comments] Confirmed Ponzi

So it looks like reddit's suspicions have now been confirmed. Bitcoin trader withdrawals are no longer working. The owner was supposed to make a statement on Oct. 11 about a "server issue" but has vanished. You can watch the investors and reps slowly figuring it out on the facebook page
Anyone looking to put BTC into the site DO NOT. Anyone with BTC currently on the site, like me, you knew this was a gamble. Life lesson, hope it wasn't too expensive! Mine cost about 403mBTC. You win this round, "John Carley"!
submitted by ResourcePwnge to Bitcoin [link] [comments] closes shop - 2m+ stolen from users

This email was received this morning:
Dear Clients
Regrettably I have to announce the failure and closure of Bitcoin Trader.
While preparing for the final audit results, a task we were working on for weeks now, our bitcoin wallet has been hacked and emptied, just after exchanging our fiat holdings within the exchanges to bitcoin and transferring our entire holdings to our wallet, in order to proof our solvency.
It is a known fact that I personally opposed any proof of solvency, but agreed to conduct it for the sake of a few dozen small and medium investors.
The hacker contacted me shortly after he took advantage of our holdings and demanded a ransom in order to transfer the coins back. I have agreed to a 25% ransom of the entire sum, but haven’t heard back from him for several days now.
My aim was to create something based on trust, just as bitcoin itself is based on distributed trust. Unfortunately I must admit today, I have failed. All left to do now is to declare bankruptcy with the Panamanian authorities and to hand over all relevant files and information for further investigation.
Sincerely, John Carley
This same John Carley whose staff has been claiming that he was "lost at sea" for close to a week now.
Let this be a lesson - trust no one. Anyone who says to "trust the earnings" has never been burnt, or is lying to you.
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Just got this email...
"Dear Clients
Regrettably I have to announce the failure and closure of Bitcoin Trader.
While preparing for the final audit results, a task we were working on for weeks now, our bitcoin wallet has been hacked and emptied, just after exchanging our fiat holdings within the exchanges to bitcoin and transferring our entire holdings to our wallet, in order to proof our solvency.
It is a known fact that I personally opposed any proof of solvency, but agreed to conduct it for the sake of a few dozen small and medium investors.
The hacker contacted me shortly after he took advantage of our holdings and demanded a ransom in order to transfer the coins back. I have agreed to a 25% ransom of the entire sum, but haven’t heard back from him for several days now.
My aim was to create something based on trust, just as bitcoin itself is based on distributed trust. Unfortunately I must admit today, I have failed. All left to do now is to declare bankruptcy with the Panamanian authorities and to hand over all relevant files and information for further investigation.
Sincerely, John Carley"
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Has anyone used (yes, that's my ref link, feel free to crop off the =ref part on the URL).
So, I have been looking into this site and I can't seem to find much information. I have an account, and again, the link above is a ref link, but I haven't used it yet.
There are a couple comments about the site on a few forums from seemingly happy users, but that's about all I can find. There are also some videos on youtube talking about earning 10+ bucks a day off of it, but they seem to be folks fishing for referrals.
They seem to emphasize referrals and downlines which has me concerned that part of their sexy payouts is a ponzi scheme. Their daily earnings for the trading pool over the past 20 buziness days average around 1.241%. That would put you at around 29$ for every 20$ invested over the 120 day term. I'm not sure if the mining pool is worth it since it's returning .6% on investment daily right now.
So, has anyone used them? Any success or horror stories? If you want to play around with it, feel free to use the ref link above or just go to and check it out.
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I am going to give reddit weekly updates on how my investment funds are doing on
These are my funds
You can view all updates on this thread, I will edit it weekly.
I invested 4 BTC into 136 trader funds on 7-23-2014. I have earned around $100 USD. I have used $60 USD to purchase 3 additional trader funds, for a total of 139 trader funds (picture above). I accumulate interest on those funds every week day, and the earnings post around 1:30am pacific standard time. I have withdrawn around $40 USD to my Block Chain wallet. Those funds were instantly converted into BTC and then sent to my wallet without fees. So far, to re-invest my earnings and to withdraw my earnings have gone without a hitch. I've submitted one support ticket and the response was within the day.
I originally decided to invest in this fund based off responses off the bitcoin forum. You can read it yourself.;topicseen
This is a speculative investment. If you decide to invest please remember to only invest what which you can afford to lose. So far though, every person that has invested has received their earnings and have been able to retrieve their funds at their expiration date.
If you enjoy my weekly postings regarding this arbitrage fund and decide to take the risk, I would greatly appreciate if you used my referral.
FULL DISCLOSURE I am not in any way related to
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#Bitcoin2014 was sponsored by a ponzi scheme

Hey Reddit, I wanted to point out something I found fishy while attending the #Bitcoin2014 conference, I believe is a HYIP (Ponzi scheme) and they were sponsors of the event. I got in touch with the organisers but had no reply so thought I would post a word of warning here.
They were minor sponsor of the event, I think they donated $1,500. If you have a look at their website you will quickly realise why I (and many others) think that they are a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). The things that make it a HYIP:
  1. Daily returns of around 1%
  2. Investment lock-up period
  3. The company is registered in Panama
  4. Offer high referral commissions
  5. Anonymous owners (even though they claim to operate out of London)
  6. No proof of income generating activity
  7. Provide a link to a HYIP scripts website
I feel that the 2 biggest risks with this are; 1. Legitimising a HYIP to people in the Bitcoin community who don’t know what they are and 2. Associating Bitcoin with more fraud.
Just to make it clear, I am not accusing the Bitcoin Foundation or anyone else of anything but a minor oversight. I just want to start a discussion on this to prevent this from happening at any future events and educate people about HYIPs.
I hope that someone on here can clarify the situation and even explain HYIPs to others better than I can. I did a longer evaluation in my post here.
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Dear Bitcoin, If You Don't Like Scams Stop Giving Them a Platform

I hate scams; I hate scammers.
I'm struck by the many people in this and other BTC forums who are as concerned as I am about scams in this community. I think it's really hard to see a Bitcoin free from regulation when
To date, there has been an abject failure by this community to effectively police itself. Going on Reddit and yelling Scam is simple. But why is it that when you smell a scam you don't call it out in a public forum? If you are concerned about GAW miners, why not do what you can to take away their voice? If you look at the North American Bitcoin Conference Schedule, you will see that Garza is being given 2 sessions. If you think that GAW is a world-class Ponzi, then let Moe Levin know that it's unacceptable to give him a forum in which to speak.
Or, if you can't get Moe to unbook the crooks, then you should show up and make it really hard for Garza to walk out of that room without people understanding that it is a Ponzi. Stand up in your seat and interrupt him if necessary. It's the sort of behavior that gets you jeered at, but if you are right, you could literally be responsible for saving lives, families, marriages, etc.
Whatever you think of the greedy people who give their money to scammers, the best response in a community that wants to prove it can handle it's own shit and doesn't need massive regulation is to kill the ability of scammers to present their scam and earn other people's trust. Last year TNABC gave the untested Neo&Bee a platform. YBitcoin is taking ads from the great GAW mining pool. Their first front-page article was on Neo&Bee. They have had full-page spreads from obvious ponzis like
I'm not saying to shove it down anyone's throat, but seriously, if you don't like these things happening, begin using the power of your email button, YouTube, your voice.
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I keep making orders.

I started with a 50$ BTC investment i had about .08 btc. I unfortunately went into buying a stock at without reading anything on it... so hopefully i receive my 20$ in 3 months with no interest. BACK TO REDD. I started fortunately buying 35,000 at 12 satoshis, the next day it was 24 so i sold 15K and that is where my penny stock profit started. But I've been working on .03 btc for a while and I just keep placing Reddcoin orders... Nothing else is appealing, there's no community on other coins. I bought a few without researching being it's just 20$ so I'm just playing. I purchased 5000 emeralds and didn't understand why my order was taking so long... That... stayed for a few days then i started to look at the trade volume of cryptsy's emerald.
All this being said, I'm learning a lot as a beginner and I learned after readng some stuff on doge/having friend involved in the bubble has me hype on this. I'm at 100K and I have an order for another 100K.
Slowly moving most of my bitcoing into reddcoin.
Apart from my story, anyway that I can get into the community to help make reddcoin rise to the top??
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On Moderation, Bitcoin, and Creating Content

Ok, I don't care that much about moderation. To begin with, the moderators get to have the kind of community they want. That's how that works. If they don't want your content, you should take it elsewhere. That said, this community should probably start having a discussion about what they want, and how they want it to look. So, I thought I would give a little bit of advice to the mods, should they choose to accept it, and all of you out in Bitcoinlandia can take it for what it's worth because... well... this is a community of whiney little babies, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to not listen to the constant complaining. I, myself, am regularly moderated, which I usually face by sending a quick message off to a mod or two. Frankly, I don't care that much if I'm moderated, but I do find moderation ironic in a world filled with anarchists.
Now, I'm often called a bully and a troll. They are distinctions I'm fine with. The only thing I really care about is truth, and I hate when people show up here and try to convince the community of things that are untrue.
When I started in Bitcoin I was much younger and much more naive. I remember negotiating to purchase bitcoins with Paypal with people forever ago, or free Bitcoins that were given out of faucets. I remember Bitcoinica and the weird failure. I remember the first edition of Bitcoin Magazine. I remember when [email protected] was asking for money, and I watched as people gave it to him. The forums were abuzz with rumors that he was investing in dark markets, and that's how his returns were so incredible. I didn't know enough then. I remember sitting there watching it and thinking, "how can you know that it's a ponzi" as others accused him loudly of running an obvious scheme. I remember when Matthew N. Wright made a bet with the community of (I believe) 10,000 Bitcoins that it Pirate would pay, and when that time passed, Matthew withdrew his bet, and told everyone he was teaching them a lesson. He was drummed out of the community, gave up his equity in Bitcoin magazine and the other dozen projects he was a part of. I remember when bitinstant came about and saved us all so much time, as we had to go to our local drug store and pick up the weird blue phone. An Indian would pick up and you would feed him a random set of numbers. Then suddenly, a few hours/days/indeterminate amount of time later, money would show up at Mt. Gox. I remember TradeFortress, and the Bruce Wagner ordeal, and dozens and dozens and dozens of other weird scams or things that looked like scams. I remember when mining started and people began bilking investors out of mining contract profits. And I remember getting scammed myself numerous times. And always, scammers feed on one thing: your personal greed. I was taken for many many Bitcoin by TradeFortress when he offered a Bitcoin index fund. I thought I was being reasonable when I put my money into the slow-growth fund. The returns that were promised were far less than all the other scams, what could go wrong? In a world where people were promising to double your money every month, TF promised only that he would double it every year or so. Reasonable, right? When I went to withdraw my funds... they weren't there. I didn't know then what I know now.
I remember sitting in the audience at the first North American Bitcoin conference put on by Pumper Moe Levin. By that time, I'd become fairly sensitive to scammers in the space, though I'm still surprised by their brazenness. I even tweeted about one scam that was pitching shares in an oil drilling company It was there that I saw Neo&Bee stand in front of a packed room and explain their plan to bring freedom and wonder to the people of Greece. I remember feeling uneasy about the polish of the pitch. It looked great, but I didn't understand a goddamn thing they said. I didn't trust my gut. Months later, millions had been stolen, and the CEO was flaunting his newfound wealth on Facebook as he took pictures of himself in nice cars. All of us sat there and watched that happen. And since then, I have heard dozens of others who were in the audience tell me that they also were as uneasy as I was about the Neo&Bee presentation. None of us said anything because we are blinded by our desire for this to work.
After Neo&Bee, I promised myself I would never let something that sat uneasy rest without asking probative questions. I was called a troll for attacking when bitcoin moderator u/SeansOutpost took their money as the main sponsor of Coins in the Kingdom. They were an obvious ponzi, and he let them show up to try to bilk the community. That's fine. I'm happy to let Sean profit, in spite of himself. It speaks poorly of his character and makes me know that he will put his own desire for popularity or success or whatever the fuck it is ahead of the wellbeing of those he is hosting. But in lieu of my promise, I camped myself at the table for the remainder of the weekend, and explained to everyone who spoke with the man and woman behind the table (themselves investors in the ponzi) why it was an obvious scam.
"We do arbitrage to make 1% per day," the man behind the table would say. They had a live feed of all the arbitrage that they said they were doing.
There is a simple investment mindtrick called the rule of 72. Basically, if someone is giving you a percentage return, you can figure out how long it will take to double your money. You divide 72 by the percentage, but make sure to keep the units the same. So at 1% per day, they are promising a doubling of your money every 72 days, or 5x per year. So a quick extrapolation would mean that if you put $10 in on day one, 365 days later, you would be able to pull out $320 and 730 days later (2 years) you'd have earned a cool $10k. Three years in, if you invested $10, you'd have earned over $300k. Does that sound reasonable to you? "So what you're telling me is that if I give you $10 today, in 3 years, you'll give me over $300,000?"
"No, that's not what I said," the guy manning the booth told me. "I told you 1% per day."
So I did the math for him, which he scoffed at, but which seemed convincing enough to the people thinking of investing. Those two threatened to sue me and they went back to Canada, where they emailed the head of the group. They pressed him for an audit after my so-called trolling, and then a week and a half later, he disappeared with their money and a few million dollars more. In the aftermath, I had a call with the man behind the booth. He said something like, "I thought that the guy who was standing at our booth all weekend was trolling us, but when the fund closed, I realized he knew something we didn't."
Here's the thing, probative questions are uncomfortable. I have been around these parts pretty long, and I'm incredibly familiar with the technology for a guy who doesn't know a lick about comp-sci. You have seen my memes batted about, and you may have even used them yourself in spite of hating me. You may listen to Bitcoin Uncensored even though you hate the Bitcoin gossip. You might have even accidentally been subject to my ire in a debate you accidentally got into with me. The reality is, I create a huge amount of the content that Bitcoiners consume. Others like u/eragmus, u/btcdrak, and even u/americanpegasus are doing content and curation as well. You can hate our content, you can like our content, but the reality is that these communities are built by maybe 1% of us content creators. I enjoy the childish requests for no moderation, because behind the curtain, most of you will run like a child to any of the many moderators here and tell on people. The Open Bazaar team just did it to me, and I got warning from moderator u/Aussiehash whom I told to fuck off. What everyone really means when they say they don't like censorship, is that they don't like censorship of the content they want to consume. The instant they are offended, they want that content censored. Words like troll are used against people whose content you don't like, hijacking posts is the word used for the person creating the most content in a post. Recently, Andreas Antonopoulos (despite being on the front page lamenting the censorship) blocked me on Twitter because Tatianna Moroz told him I'm a sexist. Again, fine, but ironic considering the claim that one is against censorship carte blanche. Adam Levine censored me while trying to prove that he's completely against censorship.
Me, I don't care about censorship. Community's are built through some kind of pruning. The kind of community I like is one that self-polices and makes prunes itself much like Wikipedia. Those that don't want to be a part of it, don't have to be, and those that want to be a part of it choose themselves to participate. Censorers are always vilified. So I don't do it. I don't do it at all. So the great question is not whether you should censor, but who gets to decide who gets to censor. So here's my proposal. Everyone, stick around bitcoin. It's a great place, and u/theymos has done a pretty darn good job of not fucking shit up. Do I agree with his current moderation decisions? I wouldn't have done what he did. But I don't think this is a moral question. On the other end, I have bitcoinarchy. I have set it up, me and u/brighton36 will be the only moderators. And our only promise is that we won't moderate anything. And we have a history of being completely unrelenting in our unwillingness to censor. So now you can't say dick. You can hate me, you can love me, but if what you are ACTUALLY looking for is a uncensored forum, then join my subreddit. Somehow, I'm willing to bet that most of you are looking for a place that does the kind of censorship you like, and not no censorship.
Does that solve everybody's problem?
u/ThePiachu, u/rbitcoin-bot, u/colsatre, u/StarMaged, u/DotGaming, u/BashCo, u/frankenmint, u/gruez, u/arthurbouquet, u/DigitalGoose, u/MineForeman, u/Camdien
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#LoveBitcoin contest closed - Who do you think should win?

When this contest started I was cautiously optimistic about how it would go and as it comes to a close i'll say that this by all standards has been a success and we'll have to do another contest for the fall.
See all the entries here
In total we had 25 entries competing for a prize pool that started at 1BTC and grew to 5.35437211 BTC. A big thanks to contest sponsors, BTC Trader, Trezor & The Bitcoin Foundation of Canada
I would also like to thank Saucal Studios for working with CAVIRTEX to develop
Here is a quick list to all the entries starting with the first submission.
How do you think it went? Who do you think should win?
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Are there any large volume bitcoin arbitragers out there?

I've seen, and a number of what seem to be small individual arbitragers, but nothing else that looks like a larger professional operation. Is anyone aware of any bigger players in this space?
If you are one of those bigger players I'd love to ask you a few questions. Shoot me a message.
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Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader was started in April 2013 to allow investors to earn residual income from either bitcoin trading or mining. Launched privately at first by invitation only, the company is now offering their managed services worldwide.
Investors can purchase shares in both the bitcoin Trading and Mining pools, and fund their account with bitcoin, BTC-e, Perfect Money, EgoPay, PexPay, OKPay or bank wire transfer.
submitted by btcmerchant to bitcointrader [link] [comments], Reviews Scam Or Paying ? /biz/ - the absolute state of bitcoin How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical) - YouTube Bitcoin Revolution Avis 2020 *ACTUALISATION* - Arnaque ou ... A Hangout on Air

Do you agree with Bitcoin Trader's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 58 customers have already said. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Bitcoin Trader Reviews 58 • Poor . 2.4. bitcoin-tr Visit this website bitcoin-tr Write a review. bitcoin-tr See business ... HYIPSTAT_biz $8.91. What is Bitcointribution? Bitcointribution is a company which is obviously per its name a bitcoin trading company. Bitcoin trading is a complicated process if you are a careful trader and someone who does not want to put too much risk in their investments. There are many who trade by themselves and end up losing more than what they gain on certain days. Losing in trading ... Bitcoin Trader unterstützt für die Transaktion alle gängigen Kredit- und Debitkarten von Anbietern wie VISA, MasterCard und Maestro. Die Übertragung der Kartendaten ist durch eine SSL-Verschlüsselung abgesichert. 3. Los geht’s mit Traden. Nach der Überweisung geht es ohne lange Wartezeit mit dem Traden los. Bei Bitcoin Trader geben Sie im Kundenkonto selbst per Mausklick den ... Bitcoin Automated Trading. Buy and sell Bitcoin with the Automated Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader delivers signals based on trading indicators. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other crypto currencies. Bitcoin Trader operates the website, which provides the SERVICE. This page is used to inform website visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service, the Bitcoin Trader website. If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation ...

[index] [34571] [45400] [3074] [25346] [42885] [36657] [22962] [27144] [8096] [14657], Reviews Scam Or Paying ? now turn into Scam *This video is created as per my personal experience with this site, The Information provided here is for your own use and doesn’t that guarantee success not mean ..., Reviews Scam Or Paying ? - Duration: 3:39. ... Bitcoin Trader Review 2020 Bitcoin Trader SCAM or LEGIT? Watch This Live Deposit! - Duration: 4:03. Crypto Trading Strategies 79 ... This has turned out to be a huge and very elaborate scam and a big learning experience for me. Sorry to EVERYONE who lost money... A short introduction to how Bitcoin Works. Want more? Check out my new in-depth course on the latest in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and a survey of the most excitin... Today's Bitcoin Live stream! I do a livestream talking about current crypto market status, share trading tips, and anything crypto you want to talk about LIVE. Today we talk a little bit about ...